Does Tesla Motors own any patents

During the 2015 Chicago Auto Show, we had the opportunity sit down with Bill Wallace, GM’s director of global battery systems, and discuss a bit about the 2016 Chevrolet Volt and how batteries are going to be an increasingly integral part of the automotive industry. More on that later, however.

In our interview, we brought up the “T” word. “T” standing for Tesla Motors, owned by firebrand billionaire Elon Musk. And while we are of the take that Tesla and GM products don’t exactly compete toe-to-toe, it was interesting to hear Wallace’s take on the company. And while he acknowledges the engineering prowess that went into building the Tesla Model S, General Motors has no intention of using the California company’s now-openly-sourced patented technologies currently.

Ultimately, General Motors plans on being an EV frontrunner in its own way, as Wallace pointed to the fact that GM itself holds the most “green” patents of any automaker. It could be sheer stubbornness that GM chooses not to use Tesla patents in good faith, or it could just as well be that GM has enough resources and technology to create something that’s even better than a Tesla in the future.

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