Is Louis Farrakhan an antisemite

(December 12, 2018 / JNS)The best known and most virulent full-time anti-Semite in the United States is Louis Farrakhan, the longtime leader of the Nation of Islam. He attacks the Jewish religion and people as well as the State of Israel, using a broad array of classic anti-Semitic motifs, and has called Adolf Hitler a “very great man.” Though Farrakhan has spent decades inciting anti-Semitism, he is legitimized by his many interactions with prominent Americans. The First Amendment of the American Constitution does not allow for this hatemonger to be brought to court, a limitation that not only enables but even strengthens his anti-Semitism.

Should high school classes be optional

Points in favour of voluntary school attendance Schools should make attendance voluntary because students are not comfortable with strict attendance policy and they have to forcefully attend the school. If students are provided with the option of voluntary school attendance then they would not be pressurised to attend the school. Sometimes, students are bullied at school and also they have not inclined towards academics that much as they are towards others activities like sports, arts, dance and music etc.

Do Filipinos in general have distinctive smell

 Gee, Your Kabayan Smells Terrific. Why Filipinos Smell GoodBy Nicholo Jallores It is an accepted dictum in modern medicine that the strongest mnemonic device out of all the 5 senses is the sense of smell. A whiff of the known and familiar could bring back a greater flood of memories than any sight, sound, taste, or tactile experience ever could. Warm pineapple and sugar reminds us of holidays back home.

What makes skilled trades an ideal career

Tired of going from job to job. Look for a career in the skilled trades instead. In a world where four-year college degrees are touted as the end-all, be-all for qualifications, skilled trades are an option many people overlook.Many skilled trades offer satisfying work that has the potential to bring in a good living.

Was Hitler really 5 9 tall

Add a Comment643 comments Average Guess (146 Votes)5ft 8.55in (174.1cm)c-mo said on 20/Jul/[email protected] ...he said 5'11 not 6'2Ras said on 20/Jul/11I DO think he's short because according to his own standards, nordic men were supposed to be at least 6'2" and well built, he was neither of those though.gary said on 12/Jun/11Okay, "somegirl" - but that simply adds to the argument of planned, or at least thinking parenthood!z89 said on 17/May/11he always seems average height in the footage I've seen of him, he's not tall but he's not short either, probably 5'8 or so.Marcio said on 16/May/11I think people think he's short because they associate him with napoleon bonaparteDaniel said on 14/May/11What history wronte on 14/Mar/11 makes the most sense. People confuse their hate for Hitler with an objective assesement about his height. He never ever looked short compared with the men of his time, so his height being 5'8'' is not only reasonable but also logical when you compare him with those around him.random said on 9/May/11he was a tiny madman who probaly felt insecucre about his heightPhil said on 2/May/11You can't be serious, Rob. Hitler was measured 3 times.

What is essential at book publishing

 Members click here to either download THE BOOK or order a printed copy(you must be logged on to view)  The 2020 edition of The Book is now available!.THE BOOK contains new and essential articles such as: – maximizing social media– creating book trailers– best practices in independent publishing, and grassroots promotion – up-to-the-minute Market Survey, which includes a comprehensive house by house listing of editors, art directors and key personnel. – Other  directories include: The International Market Survey, The Book Reviewers Directory, The Agents Directory, and a unique feature called Edited By, in which editors have been personally surveyed to provide a history of their recent acquisitions. – Key resources include: an annotated bibliography of essential reference books for any aspiring children’s book author or illustrator, as well as a current listing of bloggers, reviewers, grants and awards.             .

Whats new with Pool X

New restaurants, hotels, shopping experiences and more are on tap for 2019 in Los Angeles.Add the city’s warm weather to the mix and its many cultural offerings (there are many new developments on this front as well) and you have a truly inspired winter getaway.“By early 2019, travelers will have a handful of new hotels to choose from throughout Downtown L.A., including The Hoxton, LA, Firehouse Hotel and Grupo Habita Project,” according to the Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board. “For art fans, the city’s cultural offerings are bursting at the seams with the return of the 24th annual L.A. Art Show in January. In February 2019, Los Angeles will welcome three new contemporary art fairs, including Frieze, Felix and startup.”For sports fans, Los Angeles has plenty of games to choose from across three professional sports teams with the Lakers, Kings and Rams.And on the dining scene, new restaurants like chef Keith Korbin’s Alta Adams and Jessica Largey’s Simone continue to push the dining envelope.Foodies will want to mark their calendars for dineL.A., which runs through January 25 with specially priced lunch and dinner menus at more than 400 restaurants, including exclusive series tasting menus debuting this season at nearly 20 of the best restaurants across L.A., including Providence, Gwen, and Scratch Bar & Kitchen.Here are some of the highlights of the newest and latest offerings in Los Angeles, a sampling of a more comprehensive list recently released by the Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board.AccommodationsAC Hotel Beverly Hills (Beverly Grove)AC Hotel Beverly Hills is a newly opened Marriott property conveniently located on Wilshire Boulevard.

What sports car is worth the cost

As we all know, not much these days comes free. Far more things come incredibly expensive. And while the price tag on certain items can be reasonably justified, there exist innumerable products that are simply never worth the cash.

Why do I like to be sad

By Sarah Fader Updated January 31, 2020Reviewer Tanya Harell Content/Trigger Warning: Please be advised, the below article might mention trauma-related topics that include sexual assault & violence which could potentially be triggering. I'm Sad and I Don't Know Why Have you ever said the words "I am sad" out loud. If you have, you're brave. It's difficult to face feeling down, however it's also extremely normal.

Is love education real

One of my favourite school mottoes is from Kristin School, Auckland, New Zealand.  It is “Progress with Vision, Integrity and Love”. Their choice of words is very interesting. Love is pretty unfashionable at the moment beyond Valentine’s Day, wedding fayres and soppy films.

Why do people create behavior

Anyone who has ever made and broken a New Year’s resolution can appreciate the difficulty of behavior change. Making a lasting change in behavior is rarely a simple process and usually involves a substantial commitment of time, effort, and emotion. How to Get Started With Changing Your Behavior Whether you want to lose weight, stop smoking, or accomplish another goal, there is no single solution that works for everyone. You may have to try several different techniques, often through a process of trial-and-error, to achieve your goal.It's during this period that many people become discouraged and give up on their behavior change goals. The key to maintaining your goals is to try new techniques and find ways to stay motivated.Change might not come easily, but psychologists have developed a number of ways to effectively help people change their behavior.

Can something come out of nothing mathematically

By Deepak Chopra, MD and Pankaj S. Joshi, PhDThe question of where the universe came from isn’t solved by pointing to the big bang, because this begs the question of where it came from. In physics creation is often dubbed “something out of nothing,” meaning that the entire observable cosmos emerged from a pre-created state that is devoid of the familiar landmarks of reality: time, space, matter and energy.

Are boiled sweet potatoes good for you

Sweet potatoes are one of the healthiest vegetables you can eat. The many health benefits of sweet potatoes come from the fact that they are packed full of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Far from being a fattening food, sweet potatoes can even help you lose weight. In fact, eating sweet potatoes is great for your heart health, eyesight, digestion, and brain.Several studies found that sweet potatoes contain nutrients that have anti-cancer properties.

How will whistle blowers be protected

For government agencies and regulators seeking to deter and punish instances of fraud, corruption and other wrongdoing that threaten the public interest, cases are often proven thanks to essential information provided by employees on the “inside.” Those who report this pertinent information are known as “whistleblowers” and, by disclosing this information, may place themselves at much personal risk.If you are considering becoming a whistleblower, you will want to understand your rights under the various laws that afford protections to employees who call out employer wrongdoing. This article provides six steps you can take to protect yourself before and after blowing the whistle.  1. Understand What Conduct Is “Protected” from RetaliationA great many laws protect whistleblowers from retaliation for legitimate whistleblowing activities.

Has Iran encircled Israel from all sides

With boundless bluster and bravado, the haughty IRGC Deputy Commander for Operations, Abbas Nilforoushan takes to their local radio with further warnings against those that would attack Iranian forces, claiming, “Israel lacks strategic depth.”By ROSSELLA TERCATIN An Iranian Revolutionary Guards top commander threatened Israel, warning against an Israeli attack on Iran, Radio Farda reported on Saturday.“If Israel makes a strategic mistake, it has to collect bits and pieces of Tel Aviv from the lower depths of the Mediterranean Sea,” IRGC Deputy Commander for Operations Abbas Nilforoushan said in an interview with the IRGC’s Tasnim news agency, as reported by the US-funded Iranian branch of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.Operational commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, Abbas Nilforushan. – IRGC’s Tasnim news agency.Nilforoushan added that “Israel is not in a position to threaten Iran” and that “Iran has encircled Israel from all four sides.”“Nothing will be left of Israel” in case of a conflict between the two countries, he vowed.The commander also commented on the confrontation between Israel and Iran forces or proxies in Lebanon and Syria.“We will perceive any mistake in the region as involvement in a war in the whole region. Any action to start a war in the region will flare up a fire that will burn those who have started the war,” he said.Earlier this year, Israel claimed responsibility for hundreds of strikes against Iranian targets in Syria.Nilforoushan also stated that Hezbollah would “liberate northern Israel in case a war breaks out.”“This will certainly happen, as Hezbollah has a good capability to do it,” he said.According to Radio Farda, the general was born in 1966 in Isfahan and has also served as a “military adviser” in countries that are the members of the “Resistance Front,” as Iran refers to the Syrian battlefields.RELATED:“Israel lacks strategic depth,” Nilforoushan said, adding that because of it, “if only one missile hits the occupied lands, Israeli airports will be filled with people trying to run away from the country.” This statement, as well as other claims by the Iranian general, seemed to be devoid of factual basis.For instance, in the interview, he claimed that Israelis are “poor,” when according to the International Monetary Fund, in 2018 the GDP per capita in Israel was over $41,000, while in Iran it was less than $6,000.Nilforoushan also said Iran developed a “deep and long-range assault capability.”“We will not let the enemies to face us at our borders.

What is the opposite of angelic

Last week’s post reflected on the pitfalls of using anger as a kind of performance-enhancing drug, especially for those of us who don’t work as professional boxers*. (*Boxers often use anger to win their fights, which is part of the reason why their careers are so short.)  So I decided to explore the positive side of the equation, the opposite of anger, which is… wait… what is the opposite of anger?A simple question — what is the opposite of anger  — yields so many different answers, depending on who you ask.Dozens of links, articles, research papers and even (gasp!) even a book or two later, I’ve come for a better appreciation on the limits of our understanding of emotions, the affective domain and how the language we speak shapes (and limits) almost everything (we think) we know about our minds.This is going to be a long-ish post, so I’ll put the bottom line on top:SUMMARYMy short answer is that  Anger doesn’t have a simple “opposite.”  Emotions don’t work that way.If you think that’s a cop-out, if you say, “oh please… I’m just looking for a powerful performance-enhancing emotion like Anger but one that doesn’t carry the same nasty side effects,” well, then okay… just for you:  The opposite of Anger is Gratitude and Eagerness.Read on if you want to understand how this works. EXPLORING THE SEMANTICSAsk yourself — what is the opposite of this thing we call Anger?  Ask a friend. Ask Jeeves, or Google,  or Bing, or whoever else is serving as your extended central nervous system.  See what words you come up with.Some people say the opposite of Anger is Love… that’s the quick (and too-easy) answer.

Whos the White House press secretary

Stephanie Grisham, communications director for First Lady Melania Trump and a former deputy press secretary for President Donald Trump, has been selected to replace outgoing White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.Melania Trump announced the news in a tweet using the hashtag #BeBest in reference to her campaign for online safety: "I am pleased to announce @StephGrisham45 will be the next @PressSec & Comms Director!" she wrote, "She has been with us since 2015 - @potus & I can think of no better person to serve the Administration & our country. Excited to have Stephanie working for both sides of the @WhiteHouse. #BeBest." During her tenure with the first lady, Grisham developed a reputation as a fiercely loyal employee, known for keeping the East Wing "relatively free of leaks," as The New York Times put it.

Is being afraid of the unknown natural

Fear Of Unknown QuotesQuotes tagged as "fear-of-unknown" Showing 1-30 of 48 “Many times, the thought of fear itself is greater than what it is we fear.” ― Idowu Koyenikan, Wealth for All: Living a Life of Success at the Edge of Your Ability “Mindless fear is greater than mindful fear.” ― Idowu Koyenikan “Do we really want to be rid of our resentments, our anger, our fear. Many of us cling to our fears, doubts, self-loathing or hatred because there is a certain distorted security in familiar pain. It seems safer to embrace what we know than to let go of it for fear of the unknown. (Narcotics Anonymous Book/page 33)” ― Narcotics Anonymous “Just as when we come into the world, when we die we are afraid of the unknown.